Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Measured Setup

I'm slowly making progress through Liz Steel's Foundations online course. There aren't just enough hours in the day. I think also that I'm in procrastinating mode. I knew this module was all about measuring - and I knew I wouldn't like it! That doesn't mean I didn't take the assignment seriously, though.
I did measure carefully with my pencil, using a unit to compare everything against. And I did restate wrong lines and angles in pencil before moving to ink. (I even took a picture of it, just in case you don't believe me). But it still doesn't look right to me. And it looks really stilted and stiff. 
So, what to do? More procrastination - it's at least two weeks since I did this drawing, and I haven't moved to the outdoor prompt (drawing a door). Maybe I should just move to the next lesson, but wouldn't that be cheating? 


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