Monday, November 21, 2016

Food Food Food - Part 2

Don't be put off by that raw steak! Lots of delicious food to follow!

Kitchen Hida, in Takayma, where we ate the softest steak ever! Yes, they do present the meat to you raw before cooking it! And they don't believe in serving the chips with the steak, only as a snack with beer!

A few of the courses from our ryokan dinner in Hida-Furukawa- we had our own private dining room, and course after delicious course kept coming. That would be the meal I would request as my last meal if I was to face the death penalty!

Katsu dinner -this was back in Tokyo, so I'm breaking chronological order here, but I'm dipping into BB's pictures - generally better quality than mine, let's admit it. This meal came with instructions on what accompaniments to choose, but I can't find these instructions now - sorry!

Tempura restaurant in Tokyo - we picked a set menu, and each item arrived one by one: prawn, fish, eel, aubergine, etc. Again, there were instructions about the various accompaniments - three different types of salt (plain, wasabi, perilla (shiso in Japanese)), soy sauce, daikon radish, and something else - I should really research this a little more, but if I get caught up in all the detail, we will never get to the end of the meals!

And here are the contents of that ekiben that I showed you in the previous post!

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