Sunday, November 27, 2016

Food Food Food - Part 4

I will have to close the Japanese cuisine chapter now! I bet you never thought I could be so enthusiastic about food.
My favourite sushi restaurant in Kanazawa, Ippei Sushi! The little yellow parcels are tamago (Japanese omelette) wrapped in nori (dried seaweed)

More from Ippei Sushi. Aji (horse mackerel - it's mackerel, nothing to do with horses!) on a shiso leaf, and to the right, Ikura (salmon roe on top of rice and wrapped in dried seaweed

A popular breakfast, when you're not eating a big buffet, that is. Thick toast with butter, hard-boiled egg and salad

Tea and coffee, and two beautifully-wrapped sweets, all in gorgeous pot and mugs

Since we were in Ōsaka, we had to try okonomiyaki - no it's not a cake, it's an omelette type of dish, with egg, cabbage, and other bits and pieces, in this case, octopus and prawns - the beautiful glazing on top is okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Different restaurant, different style of okonomiyaki, this time with spring onion topping. Just as delicious

Takoyaki, the Ōsaka street food par excellence - a gorgeous hot bun with a filling of tako (octopus) - you generally buy a little tray of six from street vendors, and it will keep you going for the day. Very hot, so be careful!

Another train, another ekiben

And another ekiben - we did travel by train quite a bit.

And to finish - a sample dish from a lunch buffet we had when we got back to Tokyo. This was in the Daimaru department store in Tokyo Station - all-you-can-eat buffet at a very reasonable price. There was a time-limit (2 hours, was it?), but we had lots of time to eat everything we wanted. What I don't understand is how we managed to eat so much for two weeks and not put on weight! That's the healthy Japanese cuisine for you. 

That's it for the food. I hope you enjoyed it.

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