Sunday, November 27, 2016

2 hours at the National Gallery

Yes, it took me two hours to draw this. But it is my favourite view of the whole building, well until they re-open the old wing I guess. I didn't feel like painting paintings or statues, although I can't deny there is a lot to be learned from that. But all these angles and lines were beckoning me!

So, next time you're at the National Gallery and you walk up those stairs, just stop for a moment and turn back, and you'll see what I saw.

As I hate measuring, this was quite a challenge for me. I started with a small section in pencil, measuring that carefully, to the best of my ability at least. I hate using a pencil to measure, but it had to be done. Once I was satisfied that I had a good start, I decided to go straight to ink, because I hate drawing something in pencil and then going over the same lines in ink. The final step was to created some darks with a waterbrush, and adding a few people for scale!

If you click on this link, you will see how everybody is interested in different things.

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