Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Food Food Food - Part 3

Are you tired of these food photos? We're getting there, believe me. But with every meal a feast, there is a lot to tell you about.

This was the bento that was delivered to our AirBnB in Takayama every morning (well, we were only there two nights). Pretty healthy stuff, as you can see. No full Irish there!

Soba with mushroom and forest vegetables

I can't remember the name of this noodle, but, yes, the bit in the middle is a raw egg yoke.


Chestnut bun in a broth

Breakfast at the ryokan was as hearty as dinner, and just as refined. We even got to grill our own fish on the little stove in the middle of the table. Who needs a full Irish?

Yes, these are little fishes - I don't know what the red bits were, but they were tasty too

And to finish breakfast, chocolate custard in a beautiful bowl

Another element of breakfast - to the left is nattō, fermented soy beans, which have a reputation for being an acquired taste. I remember I would not touch it on our last trip. But I have to say I ate it several times on this trip and I really enjoyed it.

And here is the menu from our ryokan dinner - don't read if you're squeamish!

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