Wednesday, November 09, 2016


To write about Japan or not to write about Japan? I'm in two minds about that one. We had a wonderful holiday. But now it's over. Should I revisit the happy memories? Or move on? Let's face it, life is busy between now and Christmas. I've already bought Christmas napkins in Dealz. Well, life is busy all the time. Time is an arrow that's flying too fast. I can't stop it. There is so much I need to do - what are my three essentials: paint, learn how to play the cello, study Japanese. I'm not doing too bad on 1 and 3. I haven't even picked up the phone to call a teacher for 2. And then, there is life - I need to do a major tidy up within the next six weeks, and there are the usual things, like laundry, walking the dog, injecting the cat, paying the bills. I will need to live to 105 like that lady on Facebook who still does yoga at, yes, 105. That's the only way I can stop the panic in my stomach about time and all the things to do. Dream that I still have as many years ahead as there are behind. Realistically, that's not very likely. Is it even a maybe?

So, how do I freeze time? I can't grab the now. Looking at the future makes it all go even faster. I don't want to relive the past - that's just not healthy. But maybe I can choose little slices of happiness?

Like the perfect autumn tree in the fading light, in a deep valley, just seen for a second from a car. We didn't stop, knowing that no camera could capture its beauty.

Instead, I'll use a photo I found online

PS: I love the word for maple tree in Japanese: momiji

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