Friday, July 15, 2016

Temple Bar

This summer is for experimentation. I'm not painting anything that I'm planning to frame, but I'm trying out new colours, new techniques, new media. I actually did a list of all the media I have in my arsenal: acrylics, watercolours, pastels, pencils, pens, gouache, ... the list is long (the full list will remain tucked away in my Documented Life Project journal). The only medium that I probably will never go to is oil, I have to say. Too messy. Too technical. Too smelly. I have plenty with what I have, thank you very much.

Remember the sketch I did in Temple Bar a couple of weeks ago? Well, here it is now. I reproduced the drawing on watercolour paper, and I tried out something I don't normally do - paint a full wet-in-wet background first, then paint the details as a second layer, wet-in-dry. Definitely something I'll explore further. (I need to live and paint to the age of 100 at least to do all the things I want to do!) Having the first layer makes it easier to make the colour and detail choices in the second layer.

Wet-in-wet 1st layer
Finished painting

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