Saturday, July 09, 2016

Love and Friendship

Because I don't get to write them until well after the event, I like to keep my movie reviews brief. After all, the movie I'm writing about is probably no longer showing in the cinemas, so my musings will be of little interest to most people.
This one, Love and Friendship, is based on a Jane Austen story - Sense and Sensibility, Love and Friendship, you get the idea.
Whether or not the book is as full of irony and social commentary as the film, I have no idea. But the movie was much better than I had expected. It's basically the story of a young widow, who works through her contacts in society to find a new husband for herself and her teenage daughter. She is independent-minded, scheming, beautiful, witty, and she really doesn't care what people think of her, unless they are prospective suitors of course. Much more a 21st century independent cougar than what I imagine an 18th century widow would be! It just shows that human nature hasn't changed much over the centuries, I guess.
Very witty throughout. And it all works out beautifully for everybody in the end.

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