Sunday, July 24, 2016

Serenity I, II, III, IV - small monoprints

I'm not sure what to call these guys yet - are they planets with strange dark fissures and red bursts of lava? Or are they circular ponds with reeds, flowers and fish floating on and below the surface?

Will I call them Small Peace? - they make me feel all quiet and peaceful when I look at them, as  if my brain is all like a calm sea, with a few bursts of creativity and passion? And they are fairly small (about 10cm in diameter).

Lord knows we need peace more than ever these days. Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Bagdad, Damascus, Nice, Turkey, Munich, Kabul, ... Very unsettling times. So now, more than ever, I think we need to flood the world with love, kindness and peace.

Maybe I will call them Hope? Maybe the red dots were my subconscious representation of all the people who are killed every day in acts of war, terror or violence? And the background colour is my colour of hope and serenity?

Aaah. Serenity. I think that will work.

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