Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cricket at TCD - Watercolour sketches

The Dublin Sketchers outing on the 17th of July was at the Science Gallery in Trinity College. As the sun was shining, I decided to stay outdoors and sketch around the cricket grounds and the Pav. I got myself a bench in the shade and started working.

I had brought a small watercolour pad and decided to tackle the players first, and the trees and buildings behind them. Most importantly, I wanted to capture the brightness and heat of the day.

The second watercolour I decided to paint was quite a challenge for me. I struggle with perspective, and I get so absorbed in the detail that I forget the overall picture. In this case, for instance, I became fascinated by the buildings behind the Pav and the the Chemistry building, and rather than paint these roofs and shapes in broad, light strokes, I drew every detail and angle and chose colours that made these background elements jump forward (reds will do that - generally, warm colours come forward, and cool colours recede into the background). So there is this jumble of roofs and chimneys and windows that look like they are sitting on top of the foreground buildings. One day I will learn and remember. Maybe.

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