Monday, July 18, 2016

Nebula 1

OK, no more Kerry photos. Although, I have just found a few on my phone, so the Kerry bombardment might not be over yet!!

I'm re-exploring some acrylic techniques that I had forgotten about. This one, which I've called Nebula 1, as we're watching Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe on Netflix (I still can't believe he's 48 by the way!), was painted with Liquitex pouring medium. Not a difficult technique per se, but one difficult to pull off. The reward is a fantastically glossy painting. The drawback is that it's very hard to achieve a completely flat surface, without bubbles (or insects or cat hairs) getting trapped in the paint as it slowly slowly dries. And if, like me, you only have one working desk, you can do nothing else while it dries. I would leave it a minimum of 24 hours without moving it. And I use an Ikea cardboard box to protect it from harm. And then, even weeks later, it can still be tacky. Don't lean it against any paper, or they will stick to it.

I worked three layers for this one, so there are elements that shine through from below. I love the transparency of this technique.

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