Monday, July 04, 2016

Big Brother - the day after Georgina's Eviction

Georgina's not gone 24 hours, and Jackson is already friendly friendly with Evelyn, splashing water at her in the shower, spanking her with his towel, carrying her over his shoulder. And just a short while earlier, in the Diary Room, he said, in an ideal world, he would go on his knee and propose to Georgina as soon as he leaves the Big Brother House. What kind of game is he playing?

And Georgina said she trusted him. 300. That's the number that would be on my mind if I were Georgina.

Although, that said, she played the quiet, reserved, insecure, girl herself, who can't express her feelings on television, and it turns out she's been on another reality TV show before, playing the IT girl partying in New York.

So, I think they have a lot more to worry about than the "cultural divide"!

Can anyone be genuine on television? Is everyone looking for celebrity for the sake of it, without offering any talent in return?

Here are my impression of Saturday:




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