Monday, July 18, 2016

ISS Live Stream

These days, I'm all into space things - watching Brian Cox on Netflix, and checking out the Live Feed from the International Space Station on UStream.

I find it all so beautiful, our world, our galaxy, our universe, the possibility of other universes. And it makes me question why governments are not funding more space exploration. We're so busy hating, killing, suppressing, destroying, both the people and the planet. What a waste. When you see how wonderful the world is, how unique, and how special. And yes, I do strongly believe that there are other planets with life on them, somewhere out there. Too far for us to ever find out. And maybe those civilisations are dead already. Self-destroyed. Just like we will be some day. Probably sooner than we'd like to think. So, we should concentrate on exploring what's out there. And who, maybe.

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