Friday, July 15, 2016


Small remote place, Cloghane. But worth the detour. Beautiful beaches, fabulous views, big mountains.

We had to drive through the Conor Pass to get to it, and it was scary. It's all lovely jobely on the way up from Dingle, up to the car park and viewing point - big wide road. No bother.

But then if you decide to continue travelling North, the road suddenly becomes narrow. Very narrow. I'm just glad I wasn't the driver. And that all we encountered in the other direction was a couple of cars. The proximity sensors in the car were going berserk (btw, I always thought that was spelt beserk, but the auto-correct tells me I'm wrong). What if we had encountered a campervan? Why is there no warning? (I am sure I did not see that big yellow sign they show in Wikipedia!!) Why is there no traffic light or stop/go system? Our local landlady told us the residents of the area have suggested it to the Council, but nothing has happened. What's new?

Keep driving. It's worth it. The whole area felt really remote. Although it's not that far from Tralee. But Mount Brandon really dominates the whole area. I really liked it.

And then we enjoyed gorgeous homemade soup and bread, and banana bread in the quiet pub we picked for our lunch. And the landlady was really nice too.


And would you believe it, I think that's it. The last of my Kerry memories. Holiday of a lifetime!

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