Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Crows, stones. I think they are all pointing to my love of Irish beaches. The first thing I'll do when I can drive again is drive to Killiney beach and sit in the car and draw and paint!

At first, I thought "Pick a pen, any pen, and draw" - that's it? that's all Andrea Joseph has to teach us? But as I worked through her assignments in Sketchbook Skool, I finally got it. How cross-hatching with a biro can be so soft, how you can build layers that blend into each previous layer, without looking heavy. How this pen or that pen is not going to make you an artist. How drawings build themselves up organically. 

And I've already started a button collection drawing. Inspired by Bake-A-Yarn and Andrea Joseph. Muses can appear in any guise!

At this point, my only regret is that there is nobody left in this Sketchbook Skool class to chat with. That's what happens when you buy more than one Kourse at a time (I bought three last September - I did Beginning, this one is Seeing and the next one I have is Storytelling) - everybody else is gone. 

There is an eerie end-of-the-world feeling about it. But this is the internet, so my thoughts and words will probably be discovered by an archeologist or an anthropologist in a few hundred years' time! And that happy thought keeps me going! Plus, I'm posting the same drawings here on my blog, and Twitter, and Google Plus and Pinterest, so at least 30 people will see them (my blog stats were much better when I was posting screen shots of Jean Byrne and other female weather forecasters. Strange that, or a sad commentary on celebrity and leather dresses!). That's not bad. Why not Facebook, you ask? Well, I don't want to drown my friends and family in my daily musings, so I only post my best pieces there. And if they want to know what I'm really up to, they can check this blog whenever they want to - few ever do. You're different. You come here by choice. Thank you.

I think blue is my favourite colour now, à propos of nothing. Though I rarely wear it or paint it.

Oh, and forgot to say that Stones is also the title of an old Neil Diamond song!

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