Saturday, February 06, 2016

Joe Jackson

OK. I've got a few posts half-ready, but I often end up missing the moment. Like I still have to write my post about Turandot at the Met HD last week. The longer I leave it, the harder it is to remember why it mattered at the time.

So, while it's still fresh in my mind, a word about Joe Jackson's concert at the Olympia last night. And for those of you who missed his two concerts in Ireland, he's just starting a UK and Europe tour, so, no excuses. Plenty of chances to catch up!

I've been a fan forever. I know the words to all the songs - well, a few words here and there anyway. But I know exactly at what point the music is going to go WHOA and I'm ready to punch in the air and bop along. Well, couldn't exactly do that in the Olympia as my seat was in the Circle, but I had a great view, and no tall man/woman in front of me.

What can I say about Joe Jackson that hasn't been said a thousand times before? That I'm glad I went on my own, because it was LOUD. That he's still got IT, whatever that may be (and he is ten years older than me). That his songs are a lot more romantic than they sound. That when he is on stage, we all feel like we got the cure for gravity. Well, I was floating. Thank you Joe

PS: I didn't take these videos myself, and they might disappear from YouTube soon. Enjoy while you can

And a few words from my favourite: One More Time:

Tell me one more time, as I hold your hand, that you don't love me
Tell me one more time as teardrops start to fall
Shout it to me and I'll shout it to the skies above me
That there was nothing after all

Oh, and one more. He played Big Yellow Taxi, just like at this concert