Monday, February 08, 2016

Continual Line Contour drawings

On Canson 300g/m2 XL MixMedia Medium Texture paper (grain is quite rough)
With Manuscript calligraphy pen with red ink (water-soluble)

Found this assignment quite difficult, as my fountain pen was struggling against the grain of the paper when I was pushing it away from me. So the lesson learned here is to use smooth paper and pen when doing continual line drawings.

I get the feeling I've said this before?

J'ai la mémoire qui flanche!

By the way, all my French-speaking friends on Facebook are up in arms about the spelling reform! I haven't read anything more about it, but from what I've seen, it sounds like the circumflex accent is going to be done away with, and oignon is going to be spelt ognon! Talk about dumbing down! I'll probably just ignore it and continue writing in the old way. The only people I write to in French are my mother and a few friends anyways.

But coming back to my drawing - two good tips I got from this Sketchbook Skool lesson:

  1. Draw three objects of different sizes. It's always more interesting than one or two. And the different sizes is an important composition trick!
  2. Draw a little frame around the objects, crossing behind them in one or two places. It immediately makes them pop forward
  3. And then, three, which I nearly forgot again: use a smooth pen and smooth paper when doing continual line drawing!

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