Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I was moaning (in my own head - nobody else listening) about the lack of guidance for this Sketchbook Skool assignment - it was basically "draw with a biro". I wasn't very inspired. So I picked a boring old pot holder - is that the word in English? Cache pot in French. And I was muttering to myself the whole time I was drawing this (Let's blame it on premature old age). But then, I looked at the shading (and I'm not good at this cross-hatching business), and I was there "Oh, that's not bad". Now, I know this drawing is far from perfect - I am not completely blind, thankfully, although I am eternally optimistic when it comes to my art output. All I mean really is that I see something interesting in it and I think I will explore this biro drawing technique in future.

One piece of advice from Andrea Joseph that spoke to me is to go really soft with the pen when hatching and cross-hatching, and layer and layer, rather than press hard on the paper. Someone says that you should be happy if you get one really good recipe out of a cook-book. Maybe the same is true with art courses - one good tip is all you need. As long as you actually remember to practise it.


  1. The Shading works really well or is it called cross hatching??
    And No more guilt about untried recipes!C

  2. I think it's the same thing! So many technical terms in the art world. As many geeks in this world as in computers.