Thursday, February 18, 2016

DLP 2016 - a few sample pages

I'm sticking to the Documented Life Project, but not really following the challenges and prompts, I have to admit. Some weeks I'll do a good bit, others not much. The element I've enjoyed the most so far are the big black labels. They have really inspired me. They filled me with the need to write in a stream of consciousness. Don't read too much into them. 

I also loved colouring the satin ribbons!

By the way, for those of you who don't know the Documented Life Project, it's an art journaling idea that 5 (or was it 4?)American artists came up with, by which you combine keeping a journal and creating mixed media visuals. I discovered DLP in 2014 I think, and I was going through a bit of a dry patch in terms of creativity and I found it helped me go back to my roots and enjoy art for art's sake, without worrying about my drawing skills or actually creating a piece of art. Just play with colour, collage and Gelli printing. It was exactly what I needed. Right now, I've got plenty other art adventures going on, so not as much time for DLP. But it's still there as a comfort blanket when I need it. And it is lovely to go back over pages I created in the last two years (which of course you will find in this blog, by locating and clicking on the label "Documented Life Project" in the right-hand column or by typing in Documented Life Project in the search bar at the top left of my blog).

Here are a few sample pages and elements from recent weeks:


I'm struggling a bit with the week pages. But I liked the colours I picked for this one:


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