Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beautiful light

I was walking back from the dentist last week, and the sun finally peeped out. So handy to have an iPhone for those days! I will have to paint this scene in one way or another. Not sure how yet. Will I sketch it with my new and lovely Pentel brush pen? Will I paint a pen and watercolour scene from the technique I learned on Craftsy a few months ago Painting Landscape in pen, ink and watercolour, by Shari Blaukopf. Will I go for a full-blown watercolour? And which photograph to pick as the scene of choice? My heart is telling me the first or the second, but there is interesting detail in three and four.

One thing is for sure. I mustn't leave it too long before I start with it, or my enthusiasm will wane, and nothing will get done.

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