Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Self-Portrait in pencil

This one was quite interesting, and I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. Again, this was an assignment for Sketchbook Skool. We were supposed to do two of these, but I felt I had done enough with one.  Did I tell you by the way that I think I'm becoming addicted to self-portraits?  

This assignment was to do a live drawing, from looking in the mirror, looking at shadows to define the features. I could probably have done with stronger lighting (I worked with natural light to my right), or exaggerated the shadows more. And I tried to create some highlights with a little battery-operated eraser I have, but the paper didn't take well to it. So, lesson learned (hopefully) - next time, I'll have to work around the areas I want to keep white, like that little flicker of light over the pupils, rather than relying on a gimmicky eraser that promises to bring highlights to your drawings by magic!

I hope this is not as scary as my previous self-portrait!

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