Monday, April 22, 2013

Un remplaçant

This one is on a family theme - with cryptic words on the back of a photograph..

I applied the photograph over an acrylic paint background. Then I used one of the doilies I got as a set of 60 in Dealz (€1.49!) as a stencil and I painted with watercolour. As it turns out, I had 4 doilies stuck together, which was perfect, as the paint couldn't seep through the paper as much as it would have with one layer. I added a few dots with a golden Faber-Castell PITT pen. That's pretty much it. I quite like the colours.

I kept my left page very simple, with additional doily stenciling and the words from the back of the photograph, which my father can't explain. I am hoping it will make some sense when he looks at the photograph.

I might try this one again using an acrylic transfer rather that gluing the photograph - I find that no matter how careful I am, it always looks a bit chunky when I glue a photo onto my journal page. I use matte acrylic medium as a glue. Maybe I should use PVA glue, which I've just found out is acid-free!

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