Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life of Pi - did you know?

A few interesting factoids I gleaned through various websites about Life of Pi (all websites listed in my previous post):

  • The young actor, Suraj Sharma, didn't know how to swim before the movie
  • Before the movie, he could hold his breath under water for 15 seconds. By the time he had his underwater scene, 2 minutes.
  • The wave machine and other equipment were so noisy that instead of having someone shouting "Cut", they had a loud klaxon. One beep for "Cut", Two beeps for "Reset", at which time the young actor had to reset his props and start again - he would spend a lot of time on his own in the middle of the wave pool.
  • Before this movie, he had no acting experience.
  • There were four tigers used to create the CGI animations for Richard Parker. In a side-by-side test, I could not say which was real and which was CGI. Actually, I picked the wrong one!
  • The animation artists paid attention to the minutest detail of how a tiger moves. 
  • Richard Parker is a name often used in literature for ship-wreck survivors.

Reality stranger than fiction is what comes to mind.

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