Monday, April 15, 2013

If in doubt, wipe it out

This page didn't start well. I painted an acrylic background, then I started writing over it, but it was all drivel. So, rather than agonize about what to do, and feel inadequate, I decided to paint over it. That's the beauty of acrylics - another layer is like a blank slate. I decided to go for a dark mix of cadmium red and cyan blue, perfect for writing over with a white pen. I added a few collage elements, like this lovely abstract wave motif from a Japanese paper I found online a while back, and a red origami paper with a white leaf pattern, which I found in a treasure box at the back of a press, full of Japanese paper, cards and stamps, beautiful little things sent by friends or purchased while on business trips to Japan, and put away for safe-keeping, then forgotten for a few years. What a pleasure to rediscover all this material, perfect for art journals!

On my second page, along with a repeat of the leaf pattern from the origami paper, and a little tree (there for no reason at all, just because I could), a reminder to myself for when a painting doesn't go well! Soothing words when I feel like I am no good at this painting business!

I can't say this page ended any better than it started, but I felt a lot happier.

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