Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Since I was on a roll with Indo-European roots, I kept going on the same theme. I asked BB to give me a word. He picked "Circle". I found that its Indo-European root is "(s)ker", meaning "To Turn, Bend". Interesting to note that the same (s)ker also has two other meanings, To Leap, Jump about, and To Cut, leading to completely different words.

Even sticking to the "turn, bend" meaning, there are plenty of resulting words, Ring, Ranch, Range, Rink, Arrange, and Curb, Curve, Curvature, and Circa, Circadian, Circle, Circus, Search, and even Crown.

I decided to keep this page fairly simple, pouring well-diluted acrylic over a gesso and white acrylic foundation. It's a bit shapeless, but I like the colours. Maybe I'll come back to it at some stage and build on it.

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