Monday, October 07, 2019

Hughes pub - no life drawing, so we sketched instead!

I'm playing catch-up from a few weeks back at this stage. 

All I'll say is: don't believe the Facebook videos showing a loving kitten sleeping beside a doting dog - the reality is very different, and is the reason why I haven't posted much lately. Every free moment has been taken in managing the interactions between our 6-year-old dog (30kg) and our new 3-month-old kitten (1kg). It's going to take longer than we thought!
So, this was before k-day (kitten day).

The room for life drawing wasn't available and we had decided we'd go sketching in Hughes pub instead. So we had a nice mix of people from life drawing, people from Dublin Sketchers and people who just turned up because they were in town that day! I didn't stay very late (I'm not a late-night-pub person, just in case you didn't know!), so the pub wasn't too busy, and the trad music hadn't started yet, which made it very comfortable for sketching (but next time, I'm definitely staying for the music!). We had a good spot, and an American couple talking to an Irish guy at the bar, which provided great eavesdropping opportunities! We also sketched each other, which I always enjoy! Lovely pub, Hughes, near the Four Courts Luas stop. Not trendy or fancy. Just a nice place for a quiet pint. Exactly what a pub should be!

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