Thursday, March 21, 2019

Life drawing - Nabilla

An unusual name, Nabilla. She said she was from Spain, and that her name is of Arab origin. This was a taught class, where you get a little bit more time to measure and try and get things right. And it makes me realise I still have so much to learn. But I do like to alternate between taught and untaught, as the untaught sessions give me an opportunity to explore different media. But they also remind me that I need to constantly apply what I've learned and measure measure measure!

In the second half of the class, we got to play with costumes - where we discovered how much heels and clothes change the human form. That was definitely my favourite bit, despite the fact that I had brought minimum supplies and couldn't render some of the effects I wanted, like the shimmering 1920s tassel dress!

Most drawings 5 or 10 minutes (time at the bottom of the drawings; the number at the top of the drawings is a vertical measurement of how many heads to the full length of the body)

Trying to use shading more, rather than line, to indicate shoulders and spine

Amazing what high heels do to the body - legs look longer, the behind is lifted, the pelvis tilted. It was very interesting to draw the model without the heels first, and then exactly the same pose with high heels.

For this pose, we drew the model nude first, then she added shorts, a see-through skirt and a soft draped top. I first added these to my first drawing in a different colour, then I drew her again. 
This outfit looked more interesting in reality, but I only had a few pencils with me. The high socks were bright red orange. I suppose I could go back over this one with an orange pencil! 

This was the golden tassel dress, but I didn't have any gold pencil with me. So I used a brush pen to try and render the texture.

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