Thursday, March 07, 2019

National Museum Kildare Street

I really got into the zone that day - sketching outside the National Museum on Kildare Street. It wasn't the warmest of days, but that little corner was sheltered from the wind, which made a big difference. I was able to stay outside for a little over an hour and complete this sketch. And a little measuring went a long way - I managed to fit the whole building on the page!! I worked in shapes first, establishing the areas of different colour stone. I then moved to my fountain pen, trying to sketch from the general to the particular, while avoid areas where the paint was still wet. The final stage was to add shading for a three-dimensional feel. My only regret is the colour I used for the sky, which is too close in hue and value to the bluey-grey stone. My reward when I was done was a big slab of chocolate cake! And a Ulysses quote!

"Making for the museum gate with long windy steps he lifted his eyes. Handsome building. Sir Thomas Deane designed. Not following me?"

And here is a slightly cropped version for Instagram purposes!!

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