Sunday, March 03, 2019

Life Drawing - Megan

One of my favourite models, Megan.

My favourite pose of the evening - for the last pose, the model is asked to bring a prop - most bring a scarf or some rope. Megan brought her hair dryer!

 Pencil and watercolour

 Sailor Fude pen, brush pen and pencil

I don't know if it's because I've drawn and painted Megan a few times, but I found that I had quite a few successful 1-minute and 5-minute drawings of her in charcoal. Sometimes, with a new model (new to me, that is), all the short poses are spent struggling trying to understand his/her body, and I only manage to capture the proportions for the longer poses. I will miss Megan. She's a super model (pun unintended). Anyways, here is a selection of the charcoal poses (times at bottom right of pages):

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