Friday, March 15, 2019

Dame Street

Discovered a gorgeous spot recently. Well, it was a fellow sketcher who mentioned the upstairs in KC Peaches Dame Street, and she was right, it's a little gem of a place. Plenty of relaxed seating, and if you're lucky, or quick, you can get a table with a panoramic view of Dame Street.
That table was occupied when I arrived first, so I started sketching my food - it's hard to sketch a salad, or is it just me? It looks a bit flat. Well I ate it before I got a chance to add shading to my drawing, so that's probably why. I don't even have the excuse that it was getting cold.

As I was finishing my food, the table I wanted became free. And I settled  into my main sketch. It's only recently that I've discovered the joy of watercolour pencils, but I have to say I'm hooked now. I use them for a general outline and getting the proportions right before I start painting. Much more forgiving than a pen. You can also use them for texture (but not on this occasion).

I should have drawn plenty more buses and cars - it's a busy street - but they would have been in front of the lovely buildings I wanted to draw, so I kept them to a minimum. Plus I struggle to settle them on the ground - they tend to float. Something to think about for again.

And then I decided to add a quote about 'peaches' from Ulysses, where nothing is what it seems!

Bending archly she reckoned again fat pears and blushing peaches.
Blazes Boylan looked in her blouse with more favour, the stalk of the red flower between his smiling teeth.
—May I say a word to your telephone, missy? he asked roguishly.

- James Joyce, Ulysses.

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