Sunday, August 26, 2018

Café and people at play

Once I get into a groove, it's hard to stop me. I think the word 'prolific' applies here.

I was chatting to a little girl all while sketching this. She was really interested in what I was doing. Her favourite colours are blue and pink and she likes drawing. Children often are fascinated when they see us sketching - the idea that grown-ups can draw for fun too must seem strange to them. Me, I'm just hoping to inspire the next generation. And I'm quite chatty. The pram in the foreground was black but I made it red. Much prettier.

As the weather got drier, I decided to go outdoors again and sketch a grand-father playing football with his grand-children. They were enjoying themselves.
I sketched the apartments in the background with as little detail as I could, to try and give a sense of the distance. For this, I used my mini Sennelier watercolour set - tiny but perfectly formed.

Another sketch done outside, again with brush pen first, then Sennelier watercolour.
And then it was time for a slice of dark chocolate and aubergine brownie ("just 3 euros" he said!) and a chat with my fellow sketchers.

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