Sunday, August 19, 2018


Another version of the same view, this time in direct watercolour, and using just three colours - quinacridone gold, quinacridone rose (PV19) and phthalo turquoise and Green Apatite Genuine. Why use two greens? Well, I wanted a bright green for the grassy area -that's the green apatite and the quin gold. But also a really dark green for the trees in the distance - and a friend reminded me recently that phthalos make gorgeous darks - that's the phthalo turquoise and the PV19!

Strange, this obsession of mine with painting Belfield. It's my husband's alma mater. But, until we got a dog five years ago, I didn't particularly like going there for walks. Given a choice, I'd always pick Killiney beach instead. I felt Belfield was too closed in, with no views into the distance. It was just convenient, a short drive from home. Then, we got a dog, and I discovered sections that I had never set foot in before. With open playing fields, big skies and a tiny bit of the mountains in the distance (conveniently ignored in this painting). And also, if our dog is happy, we're happy.

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