Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Creamery, Airfield

Sometimes, it's good to intensely practise a particular skill. Sometimes it's good to take a little break (and to catch up on the more mundane tasks, like paying bills (something I'm quite good at) and keeping the house tidy (not so good)). Last week, I was in an intense phase of learning how to sketch buildings. Not so much in the last few days, but I'm planning to get back into it by the end of this week.

Still practising adding and subtracting volumes, working on leading edges and noticing the thickness of elements like gutters and window sills. I have improved my windows somewhat but need to continue working on the proportions - most of my windows are still too wide.

I picked this little house in the Airfield estate for two reasons: One it's just round the corner from where I live, so I could fit it in without impacting the bill-paying and de-cluttering tasks too much. Second I knew this house, I call it the Creamery, I'm not sure if it ever was a creamery, anyway, I knew the area in front of this house was going to be quiet - it's not interactive enough for children, and there is no coffee on offer for adults. And of course, Airfield in general is a good spot for sketching (apart from the €10 entry fee - we used to have an annual pass, but since we got a dog, we haven't bothered - we get enough walking as it is) - lots of interesting architecture, old and new, trees, flowers, animals, people.

And Oh   My   God   They're already advertising Christmas! That has to be at least on a par with Brown Thomas!

Initial drawing - you can even see my pencil lines

I decided to draw the main building, and only part of the side block on the right

In true Urban Sketching style, a picture of the real thing and the sketched thing

And a bigger version of the final sketch.

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