Friday, September 08, 2017

Hugh Lane Gallery

The Hugh Lane Gallery is an old favourite of mine. I still remember the time when our car got clamped just outside, as we lost track of time on a visit there many years ago with one of our nieces. I love the rooms indoors and the ceilings, and those stairs. And the Francis Bacon Studio of course. But last Sunday was dry, for the most part, so I sat myself across the road and decided to tackle that façade!

I couldn't sit right across, as a big tree was blocking my view of the top floor and roof. So I positioned myself slightly to the right. But I wanted to do a straight-on view. Just in case you were wondering why the chimney on the left is at a funny angle. I just got a bit confused between what I was actually seeing (the chimneys are pretty accurate - the building isn't) and what I wanted to represent.

I got confused with the middle floor too - windows way way too short.

But it does look like the Hugh Lane.

And it's a good end to this sketchbook, my own personal favourite so far. It's seen me through Inis Oírr, and Bloomsday, sunny days, a wet month of August, ... It's become like an old pair of shoes. It will be strange to leave it behind when I go on urban sketching outings. Well, maybe I'll take it with me next Sunday. I just love showing it off. And it is a bit scary to start a new book. What if my first sketch is awful? I'm hesitating between another Moleskine like this one (A4, watercolour paper) and a smaller book, with thicker watercolour paper. I love this format - it fits whole buildings and two hours of intense sketching. But maybe I should practise smaller details?

PS: I'm really curious about the upcoming exhibition - The Ocean after Nature!

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