Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Viewfinder - outdoor prompt

Back to earlier work now that my #OneWeek100People2017 challenge is over!
The last bit I had done was sketching with a viewfinder, which really helped in finding and placing a focus. The problem though is that viewfinders, even small, are a bit cumbersome, so I will have to find a balance between finding the view and drawing key elements with the viewfinder, and then sketching without it.

I did this work while sitting in my car, which was both warm and safe. I would have felt a bit awkward sitting on a footpath in a suburban neighbourhood with a viewfinder and watercolours, but in the car, I could relax completely! The only problem I will have to figure out is that cars in Ireland are right-hand drive, and I'm right-handed, so I kept having to reach over to pick up tools I needed.

I think it would be nice to develop a series of watercolours of the area I live in painted from the car. But then again, I also want to do skies, seas, trees, people, abstracts... Ah well, it doesn't matter! I'm an amateur, I don't have to have a unified theme!!

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