Thursday, March 23, 2017

People sketches

A few sketches I did before the #OneWeek100People2017 challenge, all from online videos. Looking back at these, I feel I learned a lot during the Challenge. It's interesting to compare how I drew Marc, Inge and Marten (from the Coursera mooc on linguistics, from the Leiden University) before the challenge, and two thirds of the way through the 100 People challenge (last photo, at the bottom of this post). I need to make time to practise more, though! Actually, I wonder if learning how to draw is like learning a language? Do you forget it all if you don't practise? Or is it more like learning how to ride a bicycle? The first 100 metres might be wobbly, but your body very soon remembers what to do! I hope it's the latter!

I struggled with his hands


I drew this last one during the challenge, and, if I may says so myself, I got a much better likeness for the two teaching assistants, Inge and Marten, than in my earlier efforts. What about Marc? He's still eluding me!

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