Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rain on the horizon - progress report

I have been proven wrong - a second layer in a watercolour sky can work, provided you control where the water goes. Still not sure it's going to work out... So I started another one, this time without the lighthouse. I'll just keep the houses and the electricity poles I think, otherwise it might be too hard to read as a subject.

Making the sky darker has helped, but the dark gouge marks are still too strong for my liking. Will it survive another layer?

Here again, making the sky darker has helped, and I've added some gold tones on the horizon. Still need to fix the clouds on the left - they're too bitty. And I need to make the sea horizon straight. Next time, I'll need a ruler and masking fluid.

Here is the latest iteration, without the lighthouse. I like the feathery effect representing the rain in the distance. Not so sure about the darker colour right under the bright bit in the sky - probably too greenish. A second layer of dark clouds will hopefully work! 

I'm determined to take my time to explore this. But I'm worried I'll get fed up with it and abandon the whole project.

And I still prefer my raw paintings done onsite! Maybe wet-on-wet is not my style?

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