Saturday, March 25, 2017

Marbling effect prints

The Gelli Arts blog is always a good source of inspiration when I hit a creative wall!  No better way to beat the painting blues than to slap paint on the Gelli plate and see what happens!

This time, I was playing with the latest technique from their blog, how to create a marbling effect, using  hemp rope. I actually tried with three different types of rope and found indeed that the one that works best is hemp or hessian rope, as it pulls into really fine threads, without breaking into patchy felt.

These small monoprints will not be framed, but I think they will work really nicely in my visual journals!

And for the prints that didn't work out, I just turned the card over and tried again!

Here are a few samples (I've made them extra big so you can see the detail)

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