Tuesday, March 08, 2016

What I'm wearing today - 4 March 2016

Nothing for 3 March. Some days are like that. It's not that I was wearing nothing. A bit cold for that. But the pace of the day was not under my control. Things had to be rescheduled.

And I haven't drawn any outfits since then. But then, I did four sketches in the Natural history Museum on Sunday, although that doesn't mean I can stay without drawing for 4 days, does it? The thing is, I'm trying to draw every day, even if it's just a quick sketch, because the more I draw, the more confident I become (not confident in real life, but confident in my drawing).  But there are no rules as such. I haven't taken any pledge or anything - yet (there is this 75-day challenge I'm thinking of embarking on).

Plus, it's been cold, and I've been wearing the same jumpers over and over.


  1. I think I'll table you in for another scarf. Or Mobius snood? C

    1. I do love scarves, Cathy! Your choice!