Tuesday, March 01, 2016

What I'm wearing today - 27 February 2016

I'm currently experimenting with different ways of telling a story (Storytelling, Sketchbook Skool). 

One of the suggestions in this week's class is to illustrate recipes - So not me!
Another was to draw your breakfast - I eat porridge every morning. And I really don't think porridge looks good, even in watercolours. Plus I don't want it to be completely cold by the time I get to actually eat it. By which time we have a big boy here who is pining for his walkies.

Instead, as I mentioned the other day, I decided to pick up the thread on What I'M Wearing Today - WIMWT. I will be exploring different ways of telling that story. Well, not much of a story, but that's really the only thing I can think of for now. I'm not very good at drawing from imagination, as you can see from the skirt, top and cardigan below. But I'm rather pleased with how the handbag came out (I did place it on the desk in front of me while drawing - that always helps. I was wearing the clothes already at that point, so I decided to simplify them). Maybe I should try to draw in the style of fashion designers?

Will definitely have to do something about the handwriting. My real handwriting (cursive, I mean) is hard to read, so over the years, I've got into the habit of block lettering. But it's too anonymous, isn't it? And not very pretty.

So, let's summarise:

Things I like about this drawing:
  1. The handbag and the shoes, drawn from life (is that even the right term for inanimate objects?)
  2. The border. Framing the drawings brings the whole thing together
  3. The text giving context
  4. The vertical format for the date
  5. My signature in a little box

Things I will explore further:
  1. Using my cursive handwriting to tell the story
  2. Drawing in fashion designer style - not sure how to do that yet!


  1. Yes, I like that red bag too! And it's bulging with stuff... C

  2. All my bags are, Cathy!