Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It's so long since I've seen some of these that I can't remember what they were about. Let's have a go!

  • The Hours: This is the one where Nicole Kidman plays Virginia Woolf. Also with Julianne Moore. OK. Quite sad and serious. All about connections.
  • Chef: I have no memory whatsoever about this one. Well, now that I've read the Wikipedia summary, it's vaguely coming back to me. But no lasting impression.
  • The Lunchbox: Indian movie - you've heard about tiffins, these lunchboxes that Indian housewives prepare and that are collected and delivered to their husbands in the office at lunchtime. Well in this movie, a box goes to the wrong man. A beautiful story.
  • Two days, One night: Marion Cotillard plays a woman who has lost her job and is trying to convince her colleagues to take a pay cut so she can have her job back. She's a great actress, but the rest of the cast was quite amateurish, I thought. Set somewhere in Northern France near the Belgian border.
  • The one I love: really clever story about love and betrayal. A couple is going through couple's therapy and the therapist sends them for a luxury retreat in a remote estate. All smoke and mirrors. Or is it? Loved Elisabeth Moss in it, who was the young copywriter in Mad men.
  • Tracks: Well, I thought this movie was called Steps, but I was wrong. This is the true story of a young woman crossing the Australian desert with camels. That was quite good actually.
  • Begin Again: Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. A complicated story about the music industry. Not very good from what I remember
  • Dogtooth: A weird Greek movie about a strange family - the parents keep their three young adult children ignorant of the world outside. Fascinating, but really really weird.
  • A Separation: an Iranian movie about a couple. The wife wants to leave the country with their daughter, but the husband wants to stay to look after his elderly father. The wife leaves him and goes to stay with her parents. In the meantime, the husband brings in a woman to look after his father while he is at work. An interesting view into a country we know little about.
  • Margin Call: Basically this is a movie telling us how greed and young mathematicians caused the financial crash. Great movie.
  • Life of Crime: Jennifer Aniston is a rich wife, and is abducted by a small gang. The only problem is that her husband doesn't really care about her. Dark humour. Loved it.
  • Kajaki, the true story: war movie set in Afghanistan. A true story about soldiers becoming trapped in an old minefield. I could not watch some bits, but it was really good!

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