Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dublin Sketchers - St Enda's Park, Pearse Museum

My second outing with Dublin Sketchers.

Despite a busy day, I managed to make it out to St Enda's Park for an hour on this beautiful sunny afternoon. I didn't really settle to much in terms of drawing, but I enjoyed being out in the fresh air, with families milling around, children playing amongst the trees, and fellow sketchers out and about.

This time, I did stay for the meet-up at 4pm, and I really enjoyed the chat with everybody who was there. We looked through each other's sketchbooks (heeeeee - I wasn't ready for that, and felt a bit self-conscious when someone started going through my two sketchbooks, but then everybody was so nice that I relaxed into it). And it was lovely to discuss pens and papers with fellow sketching nerds!

Pentel Brush Pen in no-brand sketchbook (lovely smooth paper)

Daffodils - yes, there are still plenty of daffodils in full bloom!
Watercolour in Fabriano sketchbook.
Lesson learned: kneeling down on the grass and watercolour sketching don't mix very well

No Fake Journal today!


  1. These are gorgeous...Sounds like a very productive outing. C

    1. Thank you, Cathy. The daffodil on the right didn't quite work out, but I'm happy with the rest of them!