Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dark Skies - Abstract - work in progress

I am someone who can't help jumping around - media, subject matter, style - I can't decide whether I want to draw, or paint watercolours, acrylics, use gouache, pencils, fountain pens, brush pens, bring sketchbooks on urban sketching trips, draw portraits, paint abstract, do monoprints, art journals, self portraits, ...

So it's strange how I can also develop the same idea over a long period of time: sunflowers, roses, dark skies, to name just a few of the more recent ones.

This is where this painting in progress comes in - I felt I wasn't done yet with my dark skies. But I wanted to explore something abstract in watercolours.  But of course, now I'm stuck. I really don't know where to go with this. When I start a painting, I don't see in my mind's eye how it's going to look when it's finished. It's only when I put paint on paper that the idea develops. Which makes sense to me : there is no point in having all these wonderful ideas in my head if I don't have the skill or knowhow to translate them to paint. 

So what I'm going to need to do now is use Photoshop and try out a few options for lampposts (or trees, or something else). 
But I want to hold onto the abstract feel.  
I could also crop it into a square shape and make it more abstract, less landscape. All ideas welcome!

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