Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ongoing Abstract project

I've been working on this painting for months. It's really become part of the furniture in my art room. Which is not good, as I've stopped noticing it. I should really turn it against the wall for a week or two, then maybe have another look at it.

Maybe I should start something else. I'm not sure it's abstract enough for my liking.

What I have to do first is apply a layer of matte medium all over it, as some parts are shiny, some matte, which means it doesn't reflect light homogeneously. And it is difficult to photograph.

And before I do that, I'll have to do another sky glaze, as you can still see the outline of the sun. Which I hadn't noticed until now.

Here is where I am with it now (size about 60x80cm):

And in reverse order, the steps that led to it:


  1. I am thinking Las Vegas...Not that I've been...

    1. Yes, Cathy. Definitely an American city with lots of neon signs! That's why I think it's not abstract enough!!