Thursday, March 03, 2016

Dark Skies

You know the way you sometimes feel "if I was in this warm/exotic place, I would have no problem sketching and painting, but instead I'm in cold/wet Dublin and there's nothing interesting to draw" 


When that happens to me (quite often, I admit), I remind myself that I chose to live here (nearly 30 years since I got here - ooooh - that does not make me feel young). And I go looking for beauty in the everyday.  

For instance, Belfield is not my favourite place for doggie walks - it's a contrived environment, you can't see the mountains, you can't see the sea ("the sea", says she longingly). It is good for walking the dog, though. It's convenient, not too far to drive. It's got good paths away from the road where he can have a rummage. There are squirrels and rats. And other dogs. Or at least the smell of. A lot of sniffing goes on.

One morning, as is often the case at this time of the year, the light was beautiful. So I took a few photos.

And here is my interpretation in watercolour. I really like how the sky turned out. And the trees. And the lampposts. The grass may need extra work. This watercolour is roughly A4 in size. Nice and manageable. My next challenge is to re-interpret this scene in a larger format. 

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