Thursday, March 31, 2016

MHBD's Fake Journal

We're getting close to the official start date of International Fake Journal Month!

And I'm probably running out of steam already. But let's see if I can stick at it for the full month - no cheating, no bowing out. I have too many ideas flowing through my head, like clouds (literally). And let's try and refocus on my art goals for this - so far, I've managed to stick to my limited tools rule (a self-imposed rule). Maybe that's the only goal I'll need. Maybe next year, I'll just paint clouds, or the sea, or faces, or trees, or Timber, or Willow. See, see, it's happening already, my mind is going in all sorts of directions.

So, deep breath, one goal: journal every day (almost) in the same sketchbook (Strathmore Sketchbook 300 series, 9"x12" (that's about 23cmx30cm for you and me), using only 2 pens (PITT artist sepia fine, Pentel brush pen) and my basic set of gouaches. That's it. I can choose any subject I like as long as I stick to this goal.

Does that qualify as a SMART goal, I wonder? It's a long time since I went on corporate training courses, so let me dig up what this acronym stands for:

  • Specific: yes, I think it's specific, see paragraph above
  • Measurable: I can count the pages at the end
  • Attainable: it's not over-ambitious, and yes, I think I can do this without spending more than half an hour every day
  • Relevant: well, it's about drawing every day and developing my skills, so yes, I guess it's relevant
  • Time-bound: one month

There you go, my manager would be proud of me!

And remember, the story is secondary - according to Roz Stendhal anyway, who created this whole IFJM idea. I don't have much of a story, but I'm very fond of my character, Odile, already!

Anyways, here is the link to today's fake journal!

And the colour patch of the day. I particularly like the 5 colours on the left

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