Saturday, July 26, 2008

E-Day 67

Saturday, and Kevin, Michael and Stan are here, starting work on the foundation for the decking. So, I think we will escape to B&Q for a while!

Yesterday was another busy day. Stephen was here, finishing the flooring. Then we had Ciaran, our new electrician, appraising the job and sorting out our cooker and dishwasher. We now have a working dishwasher and cooker, which feels very civilized indeed. I think I will celebrate by baking some Aine McAteer chocolate chip cookies this afternoon! We had David, Kevin and Stan doing bits and pieces. And we had Mark from Craftstone measuring for the granite top for our kitchen.

At times, it felt like a warzone again, but by the end of the day, we had reclaimed our space, if only for a day or two. Even Willow has reclaimed the bedroom. (Padraig, don't look at this picture; you will be horrified!)

Mark, the granite man, said that it would be fitted at the end of next week - Ernest had implied (but not quite "said") that it might be fitted this Saturday, but Mark said that it definitely would not be done this Saturday. Mmm... I guess I'll have to get Brendan to talk to Ernest about that. By the way, it's great to have a man around the house when you have builders in (well, it's great to have Brendan around the house the whole time, actually). I find that I'm taking the role of the meek housewife, who is shielded from the horrors that can - and do - happen during buildingwork!

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