Sunday, May 04, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We made chocolate chip cookies on Thursday, me, Laura and my Mum. Laura, who is 10, had more experience than my Mum or me, who had never made cookies in our lives, and was able to give me a few tips (e.g., "if you have a fan oven, turn the heat down from 180 to 170", "put a few bits of chocolate on top before putting them in the oven").

The recipe was from Aine McAteer's book, of course, my culinary bible! It was a big success, particularly with Brendan. We used spelt flour and rice flour, and all healthy ingredients. The mix had a perfect consistency - it was easy to spoon it on the baking tray, where it settled nicely, and it lifted perfectly in the oven.

Brendan is asking for more already!

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