Saturday, July 19, 2008

E-Day + 60

Builders in again since 8 am this morning. They got to see me in my black silk kimono, and groggy-eyed, as we were still in bed when they got here. I'm feeling tired and headachy today, as Willow woke me up again in the middle of the night, crying to get out. I ignored him (or he'll get into the habit of going out at 3-4 am every day), but it took him a good hour to settle down.

Yesterday was a day from hell. Just when you think you're on the home straight, Paddy the electrician manages to cut the water pipe from the immersion to the main bathroom and flood the place! The ceiling in the kitchen is still damp this morning, there is a big stain on the ceiling in the sitting room, and the floor fitter could not start laying the floor until today, as the floorboards were too wet. Needless to say Paddy the electrician will not be on my Christmas list this year, or ever!
So the day yesterday was spent in disaster recovery rather than making progress.

And when we tried to turn on the microwave for our dinner last night, we found that the fuse had been removed from the plug! Talk about thoughtless. Whoever did this, I curse them to the day they die!

At least, I got my washing machine back up and running. I was only without it for a week, so we survived without too much trouble in that department. I spent most of my Friday night doing the laundry, cleaning and tidying. My favourite jobs!

We did sit down at the end of the day, and watched a bit of telly. We were sitting in the middle of what will be our kitchen. We were surrounded by a power saw, an industrial vacuum cleaner, stacked wood, and a loo. (Padraig, don't read on, you will be horrified!) So we didn't care that Willow decided to lie down on the table!

Plenty of activity today, floor laying and making good in various parts of the house, so we'll probably need to escape for lunch again. We went to Aya again yesterday. There was just too much chaos for my liking.

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