Friday, July 11, 2008

E-Day + 52

Apparently, I'm not allowed down there at the moment. I was coming down the stairs, and Kevin said "oh, don't go in there now, Maria" (He generally calls me Maria, sometimes Elena, and on one occasion Maria-Elena).

There has been constant activity today, with work on the roof (which will be inspected by a Nordman fitter early next week), with the plumbing and the insulation.

I will sneak in later and take a few pictures, but in the meantime, I'm staying in my little office at the front of the house (which is quite cold now with all the doors open). Even my bathroom is off limits - with the foul pipe cut off for a week, I have been sharing the en-suite with Brendan. And today, the plumber needed access under my bathtub to redirect some piping, so I have stuff all over the place.

And it is true about the dust getting in everywhere. Last night, I found some dust in the CD player compartment of my alarm clock!

It's great to see all the work progressing so well. Kevin McGrath and his team are a lovely bunch. David and Stan are very dedicated and proud of their work, and Kevin always seems to be on top of things, planning the next step, bringing in the sub-contractors and ensuring that everything is ordered on time. I have to admit, though, that I can't wait to have our house to ourselves again!

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